Monday, 8 June 2015

Find Out What an Earthing Sheet Is and How to Properly Maintain One

Before you jump onto earthing sheets, it is important to first understand what is earthing. Simply put, earthing is a way for the body to receive natural energy from the ground, through natural means such as walking barefoot, or through artificial means such as using earthing sheets. According to research, earthing allows negatively-charged free electrons to move from the ground into our bodies, and react with the positively-charged electrons that our bodies collect through exposure to free radicals. This process basically “grounds” our bodies and removes excess positively-charged electrons that harm bodily systems in different ways. When used in sleeping, earthing sheets provide the same grounding that your body may get while walking barefoot on the ground. The best ones, like those from providers like What is Earthing?, are typically made of 100% cotton with silver threads to conduct energy.